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Our books are enjoyed by children worldwide, while our materials and workbooks (прописи) find utilisation in Russian language schools spread across the globe. Our posters capture the vivid emotions of young students as they acquaint themselves with letters, and our flashcards are cheerful companions and aids in writing their first words. We aid in the learning and development of the Russian language beyond the confines of the Russian linguistic context. With our publications, learning is interesting and captivating! Why? Because everything we publish is specifically designed material for bilingual children.

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Poster Russian alphabet

Russian Alphabet Poster

A bright poster with intriguing and memorable images will help your little one learn the letters of the Russian alphabet and decorate any room.

Our poster allows a child to establish a clear connection between sound and letter, enabling them to learn to read easily and confidently more quickly.

propisi tetrad 1

Propisi – Workbook 1

N. Lukonkova’s “Handwriting Exercises” allow the teacher to independently regulate the pace of teaching cursive writing and the fundamentals of literacy. They can be equally effectively used to teach both 5-6 year-old children and older students.
Cards for Learning Russian Letters

Cards for Learning Russian Letters

Enhance Russian letter learning with our interactive cards! Foster strong sound-letter connections for confident reading using engaging exercises. These downloadable cards provide an educational and enjoyable way to teach. Perfect for individual or group learning.