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Reading in Russian for Bilinguals: Our program is custom-tailored to empower English-Russian bilinguals with early reading abilities in the Russian language.

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“Class Workbook 1” and “Home Workbook 1” are integral components of our “Learning to Read” program, specifically designed for early reading education in the Russian language for English-Russian bilinguals. The sequencing of the Russian alphabet letters aligns with this program’s structure.

Our “Learning to Read” program comprises eight workbooks:

  • Class Workbook 1 & Home Workbook 1
  • Class Workbook 2 & Home Workbook 2
  • Class Workbook 3 & Home Workbook 3
  • Class Workbook 4 & Home Workbook 4

“Class Workbook” features exercises designed to introduce reading skills, providing new learning materials for children. Each exercise includes additional explanations in fine print for parents or educators.

“Home Workbook” contains exercises that help reinforce the knowledge acquired during weekend school sessions.

For parents and caregivers guiding their children’s learning at home, it is recommended to start with a lesson from “Class Workbook” before proceeding to the corresponding lesson in “Home Workbook.”

Our “Learning to Read” program has been successfully adopted in weekend Russian language schools run by the British company LinguaPlay. Since 2012, around a thousand children have become proficient readers through this program.

Author: Vika Tyazhelnikova

Workbooks Qty lessons Qty pages with exercises Total qty pages ISBN
Class Workbook 1 1-8 23 28 9781911565369
Home Workbook 1 1-8 19 24 9781911565376

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