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“Easy Books” is a series of books for children who are beginning to read in Russian and are proficient in other languages.

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Dear parents,

Teaching a child to read may not be complex, but cultivating a genuine love for reading is a delicate and nuanced endeavour. It’s not just about imparting the mechanics of reading; it’s about instilling in the child the joy that comes from reading. That’s precisely why we’ve created “Easy Books” filled with captivating stories that resonate with children, accompanied by vibrant illustrations that ignite curiosity, wonder, and delight in the child.

How enthralling it is to explore books and craft stories together, even before the child becomes an independent reader! This nurtures the habit of holding a book, turning pages, engaging with images, letting imagination roam and sharing stories.

Your child can explore this book on their own if they already have the skill to read syllables.

The “Aloe” collection consists of five books tailored for early reading: “A Walk”, “How Rex Saved Lola”, “Team Mars-1”, “Panda”, and “Salute”.

The initial two books utilise only 23 alphabet letters, making them ideal for the early learning stage. They avoid intricate combinations involving softened vowels like й, ю, е, ё, and exclude letters ц, ч, щ, ф, ь, ъ. Books 3 to 5 gradually introduce softened vowels and additional letters.

The text is strategically positioned at the top and bottom of the page. Children find it comfortable to read a line or two at a time. You can take turns reading with your child: they can read the top text, while you read the bottom text. When reading with a group of children, these books lend themselves well to sequential reading.

During the early reading stage, it’s essential to pause, discuss the visuals and characters, and establish connections between the book’s events and the child’s personal experiences. This is why the books feature vivid illustrations, teeming with details, and the stories are grounded in the experiences of children of this age.

In the “Aloe” book set, recurring characters make appearances and books 4 and 5 interlink through their plots.

Engaging with “Easy Books” effectively nurtures summarisation skills and potentially even composition abilities as education progresses.

ISBN 9781911565482

About the Author

Vika Tyazhelnikova graduated from M. V. Lomonosov Moscow State University (MSU) and subsequently completed her postgraduate studies there. After moving to the United Kingdom, she taught the Russian language to children in London. In 2008, she founded the company LinguaPlay, which currently unites ten Russian language schools in London. Vika continues to lead speech and reading development classes, preparatory classes following the Russian school curriculum, as well as classes for preparing for the GCSE and A-level exams in Russian language. Under the pseudonym Nina Romanova, she writes books for children who are beginning to read in Russian.

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