Easy Books: Olya and Kolya

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A book for early reading with syllable division. Vowels Ю, Е, Ё are absent; consonants Й, Х, Ц, Ч, Щ, as well as Ь and Ъ are also absent.

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Nina Romanova’s “Easy Books” comprises a series of books that have been created following a principle of gradually increasing text complexity. These are straightforward and humorous tales that engage both adults and children alike.

This book series is designed for children who are taking their first steps in reading in Russian while also being fluent in a second language. The design of the series takes into account the unique perceptions of younger children, with storylines that resonate closely with them, triggering powerful positive emotions and nurturing the child’s motivation.

You only need to know 23 letters to read this book. In the second book, we delve into learning combinations involving the letter Я. These combinations can be more challenging for young ones who are fluent in English. Teaching your child to correctly pronounce syllables consisting of soft consonants and the vowel Я as early as possible will prevent an English accent in their Russian language.

Instilling reading skills right from the start with several learned letters allows children to more easily and swiftly differentiate between the Cyrillic and Latin alphabets, without confusing letters. As your child reads “Easy Books”, they won’t just solidify their reading skills; they’ll also learn to find pleasure in engaging with books.

This story is written from the simplest of words.
Read with your child! Read and discuss! Read and let your imagination roam!

ISBN 9781911565673

About the Author

Vika Tyazhelnikova graduated from M. V. Lomonosov Moscow State University (MSU) and subsequently completed her postgraduate studies there. After moving to the United Kingdom, she taught the Russian language to children in London. In 2008, she founded the company LinguaPlay, which currently unites ten Russian language schools in London. Vika continues to lead speech and reading development classes, preparatory classes following the Russian school curriculum, as well as classes for preparing for the GCSE and A-level exams in Russian language. Under the pseudonym Nina Romanova, she writes books for children who are beginning to read in Russian.

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  1. GB

    Аня Роулэнд

    Мой средний сын учился читать по этой книге. Очень крупный шрифт и нравятся иллюстрации очень. Замечательно, что есть специальные книги для билингвов.

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