Colouring Book: Olya and Kolya


Russian reading book for early readers, beginner level. Black and white digital version for home printing, available with and without syllable division.

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The second book in a series of five is designed for children learning to read in Russian. The black and white version of the book allows children to combine reading with coloring, facilitating discussion and engagement. This innovative approach transforms the often challenging process of reading into a familiar and comfortable activity for children. Classroom experience has shown that children perceive the black and white and color variations as two distinct books. As a result, children happily read the same text multiple times, a crucial practice during the early stages of learning to read as it reinforces new skills and helps automate the pronunciation of difficult sounds.

The vowel letter “Я” is introduced.

Age: 3-6

Size options:

  • A5, with the ready book measuring half of an A4 page
  • size of the book A4

Number of pages in the book: 16
Number of printed pages: 8


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