Start Reading in Russian

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The set includes:

  • Workbooks for reading instruction “Learning to Read 1-2”
  • Series of books early readers “Ginger Cat”
  • Gift – “Russian Alphabet Coloring Book”
  • Gift – electronic versions of colouring books from the “Ginger Cat” series

The set is perfect for children who are beginning to learn to read in Russian. Age 5+.

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The set is perfect for children who are embarking on their journey to learn to read in Russian. It includes the initial two workbooks of the “Learning to Read” program, specially designed for the early stages of reading education in Russian for Russian-English bilingual children. This program has successfully taught thousands of children how to read.

Simple and amusing stories from the “Ginger Cat” series will captivate both adults and children alike. These books are excellent for reading one per week, as is common in English schools.

The “Russian Alphabet Coloring Book” and colouring books from the “Ginger Cat” series add an extra layer of interest and excitement to reading. The ‘Ginger Cat’ colouring books are designed for easy printing on a home printer. These do-it-yourself little books are a fantastic way to motivate early readers to discuss characters, their personalities, and everyday activities. Encouraging the child to read the text again is a straightforward yet crucial step in subtly developing reading skills right from the start of their educational journey

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  1. GB

    Просто волшебные тетрадки!

    Прошли все 4 тетрадки, писали, читали в них. С нуля просто. И сейчас сын может легко читать и писать простые предложения. Ему 5 лет. Очень грустно что тетрадке только 4. Пожалуйста, сделайте больше 🙂

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