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Russian cursive handwriting workbooks

In not such distant future, our internet shop will offer workbooks for learning Russian cursive handwriting. What makes them different from those already available?

1. Absence of fine-motor skills exercises

As children are exposed to a multitude of fine-motor skills exercises in kindergarten and school, there is no need to further practice those existing skills.

2. Simple vocabulary

Modern language, without overbearing proverbs and folklore sayings, which are not always relevant or understandable to a child raised abroad;

3. Speech development elements

Workbooks include many images, which promote discussion, including the workbook covers;

4. Exercises to promote phonemic writing

Propisi include exercises, which help to continue develop the skill of writing phonemically;

5. Gradual automation of correct joins

The materials are structured in a way that allows the student to gradually get used to using correct letters joinings and enjoy stress-free writing;

6. Letter arrangement is adapted for bilingual children

Letters are introduced in order of difficulty and those found to be more challenging for bilingual children are introduced in the later stages;

7. Writing examples correspond to traditional standard

Examples offered in our publication completely correspond to the traditional standards of Russian calligraphy;

8. Not need for additional preparation

The volume of writing material presented in the workbooks allows the teacher to use only one publication and takes away the need to look for additional material;

9. Practice materials

Every book is accompanied by a workbook of practice materials, which allows the teacher to vary the workload among students and offers ample materials for homework assignments;

10. No implied age restriction

Workbooks are illustrated with simple drawings, applicable to any age category.